Information Infrastructure for Business Solutions (ISTN32E) – 8 credits

This module is part of the first IS major. 

Offered at:  Westville (second semester), Pietermaritzburg (second semester)

Prerequisite Requirement:  ISTN211 and ISTN212

Aim:  To provide students with knowledge of the technical background of information systems in a web environment.

Content:  Topics include Internet and Server Technologies, Hardware and Software, Design of Infrastructure, Infrastructure for Application Services (e.g. Integrated Supply Chain Management), and Internet Security Solutions.

Practicals:  Exercises on the above topics.

Assessment:  1.5 h exam (60%), tests/assignments (40%).  Students must obtain at least 40% for the examination.

Duly Performed Requirement:  Students must obtain a class record mark of at least 40%.

For further information, please refer to the College of Law and Management Studies handbook.

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