End User Computing (ISTN100) – 16 credits

This module is a terminal module.

Offered at:  Westville (both semesters), Pietermaritzburg (both semesters)

Prerequisite Requirement:  None

Aim:  To emphasise the use of computers as integrated productivity tools and introduce end-user computing definitions and concepts. 

Content:  Basic end-user computing concepts.  Computer hardware (input, processing, output and storage).  Theory and application of systems software (operating systems) and applications software (word processing, spreadsheets, presentation graphics, database, internet and email).  Information networks and data communications.  Databases and database management systems.

Practicals:  Computer-based exercises on the above topics.

Assessment:  2 h exam (50%), tests/assignments (50%).

Duly Performed Requirement:  Students must obtain a class record mark of at least 40%.

For further information, please refer to the College of Law and Management Studies handbook.

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