Databases and Programming (ISTN212) – 16 credits

Offered at: Westville (second semester), Pietermaritzburg (second semester)

Prerequisite Requirement:  ISTN101 and (ISTN103 or ISTN102) and at least 40% in ISTN2IP or an approved equivalent module

Aim:  To enable students to develop skills in modelling, designing and implementing databases, designing, developing, testing and implementing programs and using databases in application programs.  A foundation for the major project in Year 3 is provided.

Content:  Databases (Models and concepts, Normalization, Design, Queries and Reports, Features and capabilities, Implementation).  Programming (Fundamentals, Algorithms, Control structures, Traditional, event driven and OO, Implementation including DB connectivity, Verification and validation).

Practicals:  Computer-based exercises on the above topics.

Assessment:  3 h exam (60%), tests/assignments (40%).  Students must obtain at least 40% in the examination paper.

The examination may include a practical component.

DP Requirement:  Students must obtain a class record mark of at least 40%.

For further information, please refer to the College of Law and Management Studies handbook.

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