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 Sue Price 
Room number:   M121
 M Block
Campus:  Westville
Email address:
Tel. number:  031 260 3162


  • B.Sc (Comp. Sci. & Applied Maths (Optimization)), Wits.
  • B.Sc Hons (Comp. Sci.), Wits.
  • M.Sc (Comp. Sci.) (by research), UKZN, cum laude. Dissertation title: “Specifying a forest harvest scheduling system which includes wood properties"
  • Currently working on PhD “Agent-based simulation modelling of a sugarcane supply chain”






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June      1988


                                          CONFERENCE  PAPERS





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Pre-harvest assessment and the link with optimised solid wood processing (Keynote address).

INFORESTA program, 4th International seminar for value-added innovating products in Pine: The Rapid Growth Pines, Value-added products: Markets, Marketing, Innovation. Bordeaux, France. 19-20 April 2004.


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Cunningham, L.R. & Price, C.S.

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2nd IUFRO Workshop of the IUFRO Working Party S5.01-04 "Connection between Forest Resources and Wood Quality: Modelling Approaches and Simulation Software". Kruger National Park, South Africa. 26-31 August 1996.



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