Student/ Qualification Dissertation/ Research Paper Year

Harsha Desai: M. Medical Science (Medical Informatics) School of Telemedicine (UKZN): partially by dissertation.

Status: Proposal & ethical clearance submitted 9Nov 2010.

An explorative study of the practical use of process engineering to determine Fit between Individual Task and Technology(FITT) in health care. 2010

Zahra Bulbulia: MCom (IS&T) by Dissertation (UKZN, Westville)

Status: Informal co-supervision with C. Blewett. Proposal approved.

The impact of Web 2.0 on user security education 2010

Gaye Pieterse: MCom (IS&T) by Dissertation (UKZN, Westville)

Status: Registration 2010. Proposal approved & ethical clearance granted

Web 2.0 Podcasting and Teenage Emotional Intelligence: A South African Case Study 2010



Student/ Qualification Dissertation/ Research Paper Year
Ashraf Suleman: IS&T Honours (UKZN, Westville) Mobile Learning – Factors Influencing Informal Adoption  2011
Luqman Kajee: IS&T Honours (UKZN, Westville) UKZN Online Registration 2011
Mohamed Suleman: IS&T Honours (UKZN, Westville) What Factors Influence Students to Major in IS&T? 2011
Nkoskhona Msomi: IS&T Honours (UKZN, Westville) Perceptions of UKZN IS&T honours students on using blogs as a tool for reflective learning and peer support 2011
Shivani Govender: IS&T Honours (UKZN, Westville) UKZN student’s awareness of Facebook’s Privacy Policy 2011
Ntsela Seitlheko:IS&T Honours (UKZN, Westville) UKZN ICT policy and the use of Facebook and Youtube 2010
Ahmed Darsot: IS&T Honours (UKZN, Westville) Use of Web 2.0 Technologies in Course Instruction
Nomcebo Malinga: IS&T Honours (UKZN, Westville) The use of social computing tools and platforms by generation Y students at the university of KwaZulu-Natal. 2010
Sphiwe Mbutho: IS&T Honours (UKZN, Westville) Age and gender as factors influencing the adoption of Mobile Instant Messaging (MIM). 2010
Peter Ofentse Lehong: IS&T Honours (UKZN, Westville) eThekwini Municipality High Schools' Learner e-readiness. 2009
Nondumiso Zulu: IS&T Honours (UKZN, Westville) Factors Affecting the Students' use of the UKZN Online registration System. 2009
Harsha Desai: IS&T Honours (UKZN, Westville) Preferred Web search behaviour of students at the University of KwaZulu-Natal . 2008
Bilal Docrat: IS&T Honours (UKZN, Westville) Generation Y characteristics as a predictor of Social Computing readiness. 2008

Bhavnisha Sarawan: IS&T Honours (UKZN, Westville)

The e-learning readiness of first year University of KwaZulu-Natal students. 2008

Suvendren Moodley:  IS&T Honours (UKZN, Westville)

IST3 Collaboration Tools: A Study into the Use of Technology to Assist with Major Project Tasks.


Surika Ramgobin : IS&T Honours(UKZN, Westville)

The Internet Use of Students at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and the Adequacy of the Bandwidth Provided.


Marishka Appalsamy: IS&T Honours(UKZN, Westville)

An Evaluation of the University of KwaZulu-Natal's Electronic Communications Policy and the level of Awareness of the Policy Amongst Students.


Kebashnee Moodley: IS&T Honours(UKZN, Westville)

Are parent's monitoring their children's Internet Activities?


Ajay Singh, IS&T Honours(UKZN, Westville)

Adoption of Mobile Chat Services: Moderating Effects of Gender.


Sangeetha David, IS&T Honours (UKZN, Howard College)

The effectiveness of the computer based tool Matlab used by chemical engineering students at UKZN (Howard College) to aid them in problem solving.


Sylvia Nkrumah- Abebrese, IS&T Honours (UKZN, Howard College)

University of KwaZulu-Natal's Information Technology Spending Priorities.


Dineshri Reddy , IS&T Honours (UKZN, Howard College)

The Effects of Computer-Mediated Communication in Online Relationship Formation.


Sanny Shilumani , IS&T Honours (UKZN, Howard College)

e-Learning at the University of KwaZulu-Natal-Durban.


Thesigan Raju , IS&T Honours (UND)

Critical Knowledge and Skill Requirements of IT & IS Professionals: A South African Perspective.


Wade Loois , IS&T Honours (UND)

Telework: A Management Perspective.

Rohan Corbishley , IS&T Honours (UND). A Study of the Stannic Division of Standard Bank, RSA: Variations in Productivity of Teleworking Personnel due to Conflict between Home and Work Responsibilities. 2003

Jagriti Parsotam , IS&T Honours (UND).

The Impacts of Computer-based Teaching and Learning on Children from 9 to 13 years.


Dylan Trompeter, IS&T Honours (UND).

Legacy Banking Systems in South Africa  Joint second position in the Computer Society of South Africa KZN Chapter, 4th Year Projects Competition.


Kreesen Moodley, IS&T Honours (UND).

Recommendations for the Digital Distribution of music for the recording Industry.


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